“We came to fight, but not you birds.” Fante Asafo Flag circa 1950

Framed Asafo Flag from Ghana, circa 1970

Superb classic period Fante Asafo flag. The Akan proverb communicated by the flag is “We came to fight, but not you birds.” In other words, the asafo company conveys that its enemies are weak like birds and not worth fighting.

The flag has some repairs from its use which is common.  

Framed in art glass which is UV protected and non reflective.

Asafo Flags have an interesting significance and history. The Fante people who live along the Central Region of Ghana's coast traded extensively with Europeans and were avid buyers of imported cloth. 

Lacking a standing army during the 17th century the Fante organized military groups called ‘Asafo’, the name is derived from ‘sa’ meaning war, and ‘fo’ meaning people.

These flags are displayed at different social events including annual festivals, ceremonies, and funerals. Simple imagery that is always unique would either depict a historical event, identify the company with an animal, an image of power or depict a confrontational proverb to threaten other rival companies.

Patchwork Applique cut edges to produce fringing, color, and symbolic scenes which is a mirrored image on both sides are typical of an Asafo Flag.
Many carried the Union Jack until Ghana claimed independence in 1957.

H: 123cm x W: 183cm

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